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New software SMFT-2 available
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  • Free first 30-day fully-functional use
  • All-in-one collection of comprehensive computer programs
  • Tools that address the challenges of the modern stock market
  • Fast automatic calculations
  • Standalone computing to keep your data privately
  • Easy to use
  • Free update and technical support

Fundamental-Technical Analyzer

Fundamental-Technical Analyzer FTA-2

the set of tools to maximize investment return
  • Technical indicators signals extracted by Neural Network
  • Elliott Wave Neural Network prediction
  • Candlestick Neural Network forecast model
  • Pattern recognition filter and predictor
  • Stock comparative analysis based on fundamental, technical, and timing ratings
  • Portfolio management, performance analysis, and forecast for invested, potential and other groups of stocks

Stock Market Predictor

Stock Market Predictor SMAP-3

software to find the best stock market timing
  • Stock market cycle analysis
  • ETFs, stocks, or indexes prediction with back testing
  • Benefit from weekly, monthly, and annual cycles

Neural Network Stock Forecast

Neural Network Stock Trend Predictor NNSTP-2

computer program to predict stock prices
  • Neural Network forecast and back-test
  • Stock price prediction within the range of 1 to around 60 days
  • Timing finder to buy and sell stocks

Stock Market Forecast Tools download now SMFT-1 integrated system that includes FTA-2, SMAP-3, and NNSTP-2

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This is the website where you can find the software tools for stock market. This is a right place if you are interested in stock market technical analysis, stock market prediction methods and their implementation in stock market forecasting software, or if you are looking for individual stock, ETF, or index prediction algorithms implemented in stock prediction software.

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